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At Skedgaroo, we are certain that we have a value based vision for any of the wonderful users that have helped us along as we’ve worked toward a public launch of our app. The next step in the process is to get signups so that we can get outside investment to continue the journey of solving scheduling challenges facing small businesses and independent contractors. If you offer a service to a client community, you can leverage Skedgaroo to improve communication with your clients and ensure a full schedule. If you’re a client, no more managing multiple apps, websites, or scheduling platforms…you can manage all of your service providers and subsequent scheduling with Skedgaroo. As we look to build the Skedgaroo community, we’ve decided to call our early adopters the Roo Croo. Signup now to show your support and interest in Skedgaroo as we move to going live. Our first 1,000 signups will be eligible to be a member of our Roo Croo, featuring special profile badging. More in app bonuses will be considered for our Roo Croo as we get closer to launch. (We’re even talking about sending out Skedgaroo Roo Croo t-shirts! More on that to follow…) Sign-up here! Thank you for your support. We look forward to seeing you in app when we launch later this year! "

Want to help us test? We are looking for early adopters and testers now! Please sign up here and our team will contact you to be a VIP member of our Roo Croo!

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